Rogova decides the outcome of the triple jump competition in her first attempt

Oksana Rogova produced a beautiful initial effort of 14,59 in the women’s triple jump, posing a perplexing challenge for her competitors. Looking at the contest in retrospective, we must mention that, following an unsuccessful second try, Oksana gave up her subsequent attempts and watched her peers compete. She never had to put her spikes on again and emerged as the winner. World leader Yelena Oleynikova struggled in her series (14,22 – 14,28 – 14,17), and managed a 14,40 jump only on her last attempt, equalling Irina Vasilyeva’s earlier effort. However, Vasilyeva had a farther second best jump (14,34), which sealed the silver for her. Oleynikova was relegated to third place, with Lebedenko (14,32) in fourth and Bazhenova (14.31) in fifth.