Ruslan Maschenko back at Number One

To find out when Ruslan Maschenko, Russian record holder over 400 m hurdles, last won the National Championships title, one would have to flip record book pages all the way back to 1996. Last year, he tripped on the last hurdle and wiped out. This year, Ruslan faced a new threat in the young, fast-progressing Boris Gorban. In the head-to-head competition of two leading hurdlers, Maschenko, unlike in many other races in his career, was able to maintain the tempo over the home stretch and broke the tape in 49,32, earning a standing ovation from the crowd.

Gorshkov wins in a PR of 5,80
Vasiliy Gorshkov, who is coached by Yevgeniy Bondarenko, took the men’s Pole Vault title with an effort of 5,80, clearing the winning height on his second attmept after having posted 5,55, 5,65 and 5,75 jumps all on his first tries. It is worth mentioning that the promising European Junior Champion Dmitriy Kuptsov shared 4th place.

Long –distance runners dominate the 1,500 m again
As was the case at the Znamenskiy memorial, the 3,000 – 5,000 m runners dominated the pure middle-distance specialists on their home turf. Olga Komyagina set up a fair tempo, going through the first lap in 63,8, then hitting the 800 m mark in 2.11,8, after which Yelena Zadorozhnaya took the lead with Yulia Kosenkova and Tatyana Tomashova on her heels. Zadorozhnaya kept pushing the tempo, wearing out all her opponents but the most formidable one, Tatyana Tomashova, who managed to produce a better finishing spurt and took the race in 4.04,90. Reigning European Indoor Champion Yekaterina Puzanova was able to move into third position. Olga Kuznetsova, back to competing after an injury, looked solid in her 4th place performance, and ’92 Olympic silver medalist and ’94 European Champion Lyudmila Rogacheva followed in fifth.