Yekaterina Puzanova scores a golden double

The same two characters - Yekaterina Puzanova and Yulia Kosenkova - took
center stage in the women`s 1500 m as in the previously held 800 m final.
As was the case earlier in the Championships, the younger Puzanova came out
on top, this time by a margiin of mere 0,06 sec. The prodigious runner out
of Vyksa, who had never before medalled at this level of competition,
suddenly found herself the owner of two National titles. After the
victorious finish, Yekaterina told us that winning [the 1500 m] came easier,
even though the first part of the race was tough due to the two 800 m heats
taking their toll. Later in the contest, though, as she eased into the
rhythm, there came the excitement of a competitive rush and she put
everything but the thoughts of the second title out of her mind. The first
two laps were covered in 67 sec, 800 m - 2,14,5, 1200 Л - 3.24,5.
Yekaterina covered the last 300 m of the race in 46,9, mostly on the
strength of a swift 14,8 for the last hundred.