2,32 for Pavel Fomenko

Although men`s high jump competition featured several title holders in the
lineup, the victory went neither to the World silver medalist Yroslav
Rybakov, nor to Petr Braiko, who had cleared 2,31 this season. The upset
was handed by Pavel Fomenko of Bryansk, who until that day had only cleared
2,28, and only had a PR of 2,25 at the end of last year`s outdoor season.
Pavel cleared 2,26 in his first meet of the season in Yekaterinburg, then
improved to 2,28 in sensationally taking the "Russian Winter" title. In
Volgograd, he brilliantly cleared 2,32, tying the arena record. At 2,24 he
was in third position behind Rybakov and Braiko, moving into second at 2,28,
just behind Braiko. Pavel cleared those heights on second attempts, and it
appeared that Braiko had the victory with a successful first try at 2,28, as
Rybakov, unfortunately, had to drop out of competition due to injury.
Neither jumper was successful in the first go at 2,32, but Pavel`s making it
on his second try caused the stands to erupt. The spectators enjoyed it so
much that they were cheering the winner on to keep jumping, and he made
three attempts at 2,34, coming up short each time. It is not an easy task
to set two PR`s during one day of competition.