Anton Nazarov (Aleksey Khanafin`s coach) reports on Svetlana Feofanova`s

"Seven women competed in the PV sector in Dortmund, among them two Russians,
Svetlana Feofanova and Yelena Belyakova. The opening height was set at 4
meters even. During warm-up, Feofanova cleared 4,40 with ease, but neither
herself nor coach Yevgeniy Bondarenko were satisfied with that attempt.
Conditions were very good, and the box was firm. The main events of the
night started developing at 4,40, with five competitors remaining. The
start of the compmetition was delayed by the opening ceremony, but that did
not seem to affect Feofanova. She cleared 4,40 with ease on the first
attempt. Belyakova and Buschbaum followed suit. It was obvious that the
latter two could go higher, even though their reaction to successful
attempts was quite emotional. Feofanova passed 4,50, while Buschbaum eased
over the bar and did not hold her excitement back. Belyakova missed her
first two attempts at 4,50 and moved her third attempt to 4,55. Sveta
playfully cleared 4,55 and found herself standing alone at this stage of
competition. She cleared the bar set at the new European record height of
4,66 just as effortlessly, or so it seemed, and showed little emotion,
despite receiving a standing ovation from the crowd. Svetlana missed 4,71 -
World indoor record - on all three attempts, but came close in each one of
them. Spectators were exalted, while Feofanova and her coach did not look
satisfied upon leaving the arena. Sveta has huge potential, and we can
expect her to go over five meters in the very near future, especially since
in Dortmund she acquired new, longer poles, which will enable her to raise
the grip by 10 to 15 cm.